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    by Published on 04-07-2012 05:30 PM

    Welcome to Zathras & Wubba’s King of the Hill, the best survivor pool hosting site on the web!

    These pools go by many names- Survivor, Elimination, Suicide, or King of the Hill are among the most common. But regardless of what you call it, if you have a large pool that you are still running using spreadsheets and paper, or even if you’re using one of the major online sports sites to run your pool, you owe it to yourself to check out what you can do using our system, at no cost to you or your players.

    Zathras & Wubba's King of the Hill website was created to help facilitate running our own NFL survivor pool. Our pool, founded in 1998, has always been private, with participation by invite only. Since we have never charged anything for our pool (all costs associated with running it are paid from our pockets), we’ve always been highly motivated to automate and streamline the management tasks as much as possible.

    The result has been that over the past few years, as it's grown to over 2000 entries, we’ve developed a very sophisticated and robust online system to automate our pool. It is especially geared towards very large pools with dozens, hundreds or even thousands of players, with a multi-layer management hierarchy & excellent administration tools and audit reports built in.

    In 2012 we opened up our site for other people to host their own pools using our system. We provided this as a completely FREE service- no charge at all to a pool manager or the players.

    We have quite a few features and options available, including variable lockdown points, scoreboard features, and more... and once again all this at no charge. We just have a great system and want to let others enjoy it!

    If you have a survivor pool that you'd like to host here, start by checking out the quickstart section of our User Guide. We'd be happy to answer any questions or give you a demo!
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    Zathras & Wubba's King of the Hill website was created to provide free sports pool hosting for entertainment purposes only. This is not a gambling website.
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